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Lice Sisters Lice Treatment is a Safe Non-Toxic Solution

Families have depended on the Lice Sisters to deal with their lice problems for decades, now we’re providing you with the exact same proven system to do it yourself!
Get the Lice Sister’s Lice Removal Kit delivered right to your door, or check out our Locations to find your local Lice Sister.

Welcome to the Lice sisters Lice Treatment Headquarters

Our safe, non-toxic spray-on treatment system uses an effective solution that works fast to kill lice within minutes and makes lice eggs and nits slide out with ease.

Lice sisters have successfully used this system for decades, and now we are offering it as a kit so you can take care of your lice problem from the comfort and discretion of your own home.

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A proven lice-removal solution

We have been treating and preventing head lice in the Detroit Metro area with the exact same system for nearly 20 years!

Let our experience guide you

Through helpful tutorials from experienced experts, we’ll help you effectively fix your lice problem dead in its tracks!

Excellent care without the cost

Eliminating head lice from the comfort of your home adds peace of mind to your family and savings to your wallet!

From control to prevention

Our kits also include a prevention spray, perfect for group events, summer camp, overnights, and birthday parties.

The Complete Lice Termination Kit

The kit we sell is the same set of tools that the Lice Sisters have used to successfully treat lice for over 20 years.

Our Lice Removal Kit is a complete system that helps you detect lice, remove them simply and effectively, and prevent future outbreaks during high-risk areas or events.

This professional kit includes:

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Want to become a Lice Sister?

We’re looking for savvy parents who want to help families with their itchy lice problem, while starting a business of their own! We’ll set you up with all the equipment and training you need to become a lice specialist. 

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