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Elyse Kolender Lice Sisters Lice Treatment Expert

Lice Sisters try to make dealing with lice nice – Detroit News

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. >> Elyse Kolender and Suzanne Gendelman have had a lousy summer. And they know with school starting up soon, it will only get worse. The sisters-in-law are lice experts with their own line of products to treat infestations of the all-too-common pest. With children coming home from summer camps and getting back

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Lice Facts

Can Lice Survive Chlorine in Swimming Pools?

Have you ever heard the myth that lice can’t survive in swimming pools? It’s a common one, and it’s even been suggested as a way to prevent lice infestations. But is it true? Read on to find out the truth behind this myth and learn how to keep your family safe from lice when swimming.

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Lice Sisters Lice Treatment and prevention kit Lice Removal Birmingham product composite nit glue dissolver

How to dissolve nit glue

Our original nit glue dissolver spray kills lice in minutes while dissolving the glue of the nits & eggs so they comb right out! This is an amazing 2 in 1 step spray that is non-toxic and highly effective. Available in 8 oz and 6 oz bottles!

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Surprised Girl Lice Sisters Blog Post 10 Surprising Facts of Lice
Lice Facts

10 Surprising Facts of lice

Do you Know these 10 Surprising Facts of Lice? Lice are not insects, they’re parasites! Lice only feed on human blood. They do not live on cats, dogs, or household pets – only humans. They need a host, which is another organism to grow, feed and live on, while contributing nothing to the survival of

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Why are we still so secretive about lice?

When I was 6 years old, I got a case of head lice from my older sister. I still remember the thin stainless steel comb my mother raked through my thick corkscrew curls. I remember being told to sit still while the treatment stretched on for what seemed like hours, and the paralyzing fear that

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Untreatable “Super lice” have parents scratching their heads

Yes, it’s true: There is now such a thing as “super lice” and it may be coming to a kid near you. It’s totally gross (like, REALLY GROSS) because as the name suggests, these lice populations have gene mutations that make them resistant to over-the-counter treatments, according to this study. Sounds like a bad ’80s horror film. Read

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Head Lice in 25 States Are Now Resistant to Treatment

A large number of lice populations have gene mutations that may make it resistant to over-the-counter treatments Here’s some lousy news: Lice in half of America—at least 25 states—are now resistant to over-the-counter treatments. That’s according to new research presented at the American Chemical Society’s national meeting. Study author Kyong S. Yoon, PhD, assistant professor

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