Got a Lice Problem?

Now you can treat lice effectively from the comfort & privacy of your home.

Families have depended on the Lice Sisters to deal with their lice problems for decades, now we’re providing you with the exact same proven system to do it yourself!

Get the Lice Sister’s Lice Removal System rushed to your door for as low as $49.

Rush it to my door!

The Complete Lice Termination Kit

The kit we sell is the exact same set of tools that the Lice Sisters have used for over a decade.  The kit is a complete system that helps you detect lice, remove them simply and effectively, and prevent future outbreaks during high-risk areas or events.  Use the wizard below to have a custom built kit for your entire family and rid your lice problem!


  • Our best-selling, flagship Nit Glue Dissolver
  • Lice Sisters Metal Lice Comb
  • Preventative Lice Spray (optional)

The Lice Kit Wizard

Tell us how many long-haired and short-haired members of the family you need to treat below and we’ll build you a kit with exactly what you’ll need to effectively treat them all, and rush them discreetly right to your door.


How many family members with hair under 6" do you have?


How many family members with hair over 6" do you have?

Would you like to include Prevention Spray?

Learn more about your lice problem by visiting our knowledge page!

Rather Buy A La Carte?

Purchase our products individually below…we recommend at least one 6 oz bottle of treatment spray for each short-haired person in your family, and at least one 8 oz bottle of treatment spray for each long-haired person in your family.  Alternatively use the Kit Wizard above and we’ll build a kit with everything you need depending on the number of people in your family!

Want to become a Lice Sister?

We’re looking for savvy parents who want to help families with their itchy lice problem, while starting a business of their own! We’ll set you up with all the equipment and training you need to become a lice specialist.

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