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Metal Lice Nit Comb


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Lice Sisters Metal Lice Nit Comb

It’s the only metal lice comb to use to help remove eggs & nits from your hair.

  • RELIABLE NIT REMOVAL: Fine-toothed comb has state of the art micro-grooving for best possible nit removal
  • PATENTED DESIGN: Patented worldwide; Stainless steel; Unbreakable and long-lasting
  • GENTLE ON SENSITIVE SCALPS: Safe for use on all children and adults; Tough on lice but gentle on the hair and scalp
  • PAIR WITH DISSOLVER SPRAY: Before use, kill nits and loosen eggs for combing with the natural nit glue dissolver¬†Lice Sisters Nit Glue Dissolver Spray
  • QUALITY GUARANTEED: Every comb is backed by a manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee

Availability: In stock

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